My tiny workspace in all its glory

About me

My quest for learning how things work and making them work better began earlier than I can remember. When I was 7, I took apart the R/C car that I got for Christmas. After discovering what was inside (and being scolded by my mom) I realized that I could give it a better life by repainting it and reassembling it. I ended up with extra screws and leftover parts, but I succeeded in making it better—or at least what I thought was better. If only I had photos...

Moving up to 2004. It was my senior year in highschool and I was bored over the summer. I had a friend who was running a design shop catering to local business. We both realized that websites were on huge demand for these kinds of businesses. So I dove right in (and made some of the most awful websites you can imagine 😜)! This ignited the fire of design for me.

I went on to do freelance web design over the next several years as I started making contacts all over the industry.

Along the way, I found my true passion for making amazing software experiences for users as my career path shifted slightly to product design.

Fast-forward to now—my passion is still going strong and I love to learn more with every project I complete.

I want to continue to make a difference with my work; to change the way people do things from day to day for the better.

This tiny house on wheels takes me all over the US

The non-work me

Much like the 7 year old Jeff who took apart the R/C car to improve it, I am still obsessed with repurposing things for a greater use.

This obsession drove me to purchase a retired schoolbus that my parter and I spent a long time tearing apart and converting to a tiny house on wheels. (mom didn't scold me this time)

I now travel fulltime in this tiny house on wheels. I can work from anywhere (thank you solar power and Starlink), and am fortunate to be able to perpetually explore.

I love to run on the beach, hike on volcanoes, explore caves, camp on mountains...basically anything involving adventure and outdoors.