This is a random selection of some of my work. These are either small projects or parts of larger projects that were never completed or otherwise do not warrant a case study.

Color Input

This was a fun little color input widget that I designed for a project. I had intended to fully build this out and release as an open source component, but that never happened. Maybe some day!


Tree Planting Budget

For Plant Your Change, an Aspiration product, there is an option for a weekly tree planting limit. I was tasked with redesigning the control using the updated branding. I did so, but I also took it another step further, I decided to pitch rethinking the entire approach.

As a user, the number of trees that I plant per week wouldn't necessarily be the factor by which I limit. Instead, I would be more concerned with the amount of money I could spare for planting trees.

I pitched the idea and it ended up being chosen to work into production.


Tree Planting Overview

For the Tree Planting Overview for Aspiration, I was tasked with exploring how to give the users more of a connection to the work being done.

I experimented with content and the heavy use of imagery to help put the user into the work.


Impact Exploration

For the Impact Overview for Aspiration, I was tasked with exploring how we could provide a way for users to retroactively learn how their shopping habits impacted the planet.

Project A22

This was an exploratory project codenamed "A22" that ended up not being used.